Sueding Machine

    • Ultra-soft Sueding Machine
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      Ultra-soft Sueding Machine

      SUEDING MACHINE1.Usage:Suitable for knitting fabric (cotton, Polyester and their blend) sueding finishing process.2.Feature:Can provide perfect touch sense compare to traditional sueding machine.3.Mai
    • Wet Sueding Machine
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      Wet Sueding Machine

      SMA382C model wet sueding machineSuitable for polyester fabric wet sueding process, build short hair on fabric surface and improve hand touch feeling, make polyester fabric approaching to cotton fabri
    • Dry Sueding Machine
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      Dry Sueding Machine

      MW combined carbon(ceramic)fiber sueding machineEmery paper roll, carbon fiber or ceramic fiber roll combined together, can achieve various sueding process for different fabrics, wide applicable to co
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