Singeing Machine

    • Brick
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      new bricks,100% ceramic material,matched with Original Osthoff burner; 20,000 hours lifespan, each face polished, each brick individual carton packed, 24pcs bricks packed in one bigger carton.
    • Singeing Unit For Nonwoven Fabric
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      Singeing Unit For Nonwoven Fabric

      Tailored design for nonwoven fabric singeing process, One closed chamber, two burners. inspect windows door both sides. Easily for clean and Maintenance. 2pcs barometers installed on the side door for operator easily handle the flame. Two sets Y model double jet...
    • 2PCS burners singeing unit
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      2PCS burners singeing unit

      2pcs burners Singeing machine feature:1.Chamber structure: nice appearance, good seal, smoking dust no leakage.Compact design: 2pcs burners in one singeing unit, each burner independent control, optional are MS frame and SS frame.
    • Front Brushing Unit
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      Front Brushing Unit

      ZCM018 model brushing and beating brushing unitBreadth: 1800~3600mmFeature:Chamber structure: Closed chamber, fluff and dust no leakage; keep site clean, nice appearance, good seal, no fluff leakageCo
    • Extinguisher
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      ZCM078 model extinguisherBreadth: 1800~3600mm Used for extinguish residue spark on full width fabric, meanwhile cooling fabric, the fabric fasten closely on cooling drum dia.300mm, 5 pieces flame reta
    • Singeing Burner
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      Singeing Burner

      Y model energy save multi-mixing jet burner technologyHigh intensity light weight aluminum alloy material, adopt multi-mixing ,evenly, jet structure, to achieving:1.Gas mixing evenly, fully combustion
    • Protection Device
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      Protection Device

      Electrical controlAdopt AC motor drive, inverter speed control, PLC, touch screen operation, auto on line monitor, auto trouble alarm and display…Auto ignition: ignite 3~5 times each operation, igniti
    • 4PCS Burners Singeing Unit
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      4PCS Burners Singeing Unit

      Singeing machine feature:1.Chamber structure: nice appearance, good seal, smoking dust no leakage2.Compact design: 4pcs burners in one singeing unit, each burner independent control and operation, id
    • After Brushing Unit
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      After Brushing Unit

      After brushing unitBreadth: 1800~3600mm Used for remove smoke dust after singeing process, make fabric clean and avoid second polluted again.Feature:Chamber structure: nice appearance, good seal, no f
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