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Advantages and disadvantages of belt drive

belt drive:In a belt drive, the transmission of the driving pulley from the driving wheel is driven by the friction between the belt and the pulley.


  1. Suitable for transmission with long distance between two shafts

  2. Because the belt is elastic, it can ease the shock and vibration load, the transmission is stable and the noise is low.

  3. When overloaded, the belt slips, thus protecting other parts from damage

  4. Simple structure, easy to manufacture


  1. The outer profile of the transmission is larger and the compactness is poor.

  2. Because the elastic slip of belt increases with the increase of load, the strict transmission ratio can not be guaranteed, and the transmission efficiency is low.

  3. The durability of the belt is poor, and the belt will be elongated in operation. The distance between the two axles of the pulley needs to be adjusted frequently to keep the belt in a certain state of tension.

  4. Belts and pulleys cause heat by friction, even discharge, and cannot be used in flammable places

  5. Because of the tension of the belt, the shaft and shaft bear larger radial force.

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