Dyeing Machine

    • Atmospheric Jigger
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      Atmospheric Jigger

      The feature of SMD atmospheric jiggerFabric rolling capacity range from dia.600mm~1400mm, inclined top cover design, frame heating , pneumatic open and closed door, two pieces lifting up air cylinders
    • HT Jigger
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      HT Jigger

      The feature of HT jiggerFabric rolling capacity range from dia.800mm to dia.1400mm, fully closed thickness drum, working pressure 0.3Mpa, temperature up to 140 , operation side one piece dia.150mm gla
    • Atmospheric Overflow Dyeing Machine
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      Atmospheric Overflow Dyeing Machine

      The main function of CY atmospheric overflow dyeing machine:Low bath ratio, high speed, fast dyeing systemLow tension, overflow pipe impregnated deviceMulti- function fabric passage systemSpecial foam
    • GUR Overflow Dyeing Machine
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      GUR Overflow Dyeing Machine

      GUR HT dyeing machine is designed according to Italy Brazzoli company machine, more suitable for light and thin fabric, the nozzle size can be adjusted via HMI.
    • GXR Overflow Dyeing Machine
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      GXR Overflow Dyeing Machine

      GXR HT dyeing machine is designed in terms of German THIES company machine, have advantage for wide range gram fabrics, the nozzle size can be adjusted by manual, it is economical machine . very welcome in the market.
    • GYS Overflow Dyeing Machine
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      GYS Overflow Dyeing Machine

      GYX HT dyeing machinelow bath ratio, high speed running.Low tension, big flowNo crease, no selvedge curling.Precious speed controlEasy operationTechnical dataModelItemGYS-150GYS-1100GYS-1200GYS-2500GY
    • GYX Overflow Dyeing Machine
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      GYX Overflow Dyeing Machine

      GYS HT dyeing machineLow bath ratio and high speed dyeing machine, single drive roll with dual tubesCan reduce dyeing difference and shorten circulation time, improve dyeing evenness appearance.Techni
    • GQN Airflow Dyeing Machine
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      GQN Airflow Dyeing Machine

      Main featureHigh efficient , low bath ratio, low tension, fabric airflow running speed up 350m/min, cotton fabric bath ratio is 1:4, polyester fabric bath ratio is 1:2, low liquid pickup, light weight
    • Beam Dyeing Machine
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      Beam Dyeing Machine

      Main featureApplicable to nylon, tatian silk, noble silk, silk broadcloth, bright silk, plain woven fabric, polyester fabric, lanka stretch fabric, oxford fabric, embroidery fabric and warp-knitting f
    • Yarn Package Dyeing Machine
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      Yarn Package Dyeing Machine

      The main feature of GD HT package dyeing machineSpecial designed mixed flow pump.High efficient heat exchanger, simulating water level, feed dye chemical step by step, proportional heating up, inverte
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